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Apliquick Rods

These handy and ingenious tools are used to steady applique pieces as you cut them and apply stabilizer.

Apliquick Three Hole Scissors

These larger size scissors have a wonderful micro-serrated cutting edge, making them very accurate and easy to use.

Apliquick Micro Scissors

These micro-serrated scissors allow you to cut fabric without it fraying.

Apliquick Tweezers

Ergonomic APLIQUICK Tweezers are designed for easy gripping. When used with the micro-serrated scissors, they make precision cutting easy for everyone.

Apliquick Fabric Glue Stick

With a pen-like shape and 3/8-inch tip, this glue stick is exceptionally accurate and easy to use. Glue starts out colored and then dries clear in a few minutes.

Apliquick Fabric Glue Stick - Refills

Package of three refill cartridges for the solvent-free, water-based, fabric-safe Apliquick glue stick.

Apliquick Fusible Stabilizer

The Apliquick(TM) Stabilizer is a lightweight interfacing fusible on one side and is used to stabilize the applique shape.

Please indicate how many yards - $14.99/yd


Apliquick ECO Pencils

2 per package

Apliquick Graphite Pencils

2 per package

Apliquick Invisible Nylon Thread

A must item in blind stitches on sewing machines. Single strand nylon 100%, 1500m long, light colored, proper elasticity to avoid sewing tension or wrinkled fabrics and prevent breaking. It's able to be used as an upper or lower thread in bobbin. Also suitable for quilting.


Apliquick Silk Thread

Available in Black, White, Grey and Beige